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Thread: "Cain and Daniels" is this company is a fraud?

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    "Cain and Daniels" is this company is a fraud?

    Hello Guys,

    Did you got any calls from Cain and Deniels yet? Today I was surfing around the site named Ripoff Reports and got that they are just a scam. Please read this quoted mgs to know what they have done with the Media Company NYC

    Cain & Daniels, Inc.

    Is a "Faudulent Company" they called our company in New York several times about a fraudulent case that "They made up".

    When we asked the representative for more information she did not provide it nor did she want to speak with our lawyers.

    They try to confuse you by (asking for more information) so that they can make up a case. And bill you for something (thats not) even real.

    We reported them to the BBB and we plan on taking further actions.



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    Lol Yea I've hear a lot of things about these guys they try to call people using the worst angles ever. They call people using the scare tatic, literally calling people up scaring them by telling them they owe money and they need to pay up.

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