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Thread: Are you hiding your ASS with Proxify?

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    Are you hiding your ASS with Proxify?

    Hello members,

    We all are very known to proxy service, isn't we?

    This forum admin also use proxy service, I guess from "Hide My ASS". But you guys, have you use proxy service from the scammer Proxify ? If you are using then I would strongly recommend you to leave, save your ASS, cause they are scammers, will take all your money and will give you nothing.

    Look into what Recardo Matinez is saying about Proxify:

    Proxify is a joke! don't buy or do any business with these guys. They stole $1000 from my bank account and ran it several times. Along side that they shut us down with out giving any reason!. The owner of the company Justin Schlecter isn't responsive and there support sucks they never pick up the phone or anything. I want my money back I'm going to work my hardest to get it back.
    Thanks and keep in touch with the section to get more about the scammers around you.

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    Sounds shady I would be really careful with those guys nowadays you just never know.

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    Re: Are you hiding your ASS with Proxify?

    Here we list 25 free web intermediaries that enable you to surf the web securely and secretly. ... This mysterious web intermediary gives you security by concealing your IP address. ... Proxify is additionally recorded among the most solid intermediary sites. .... ASS Access: The Australian government goes genuine about spying

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