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Thread: Sentient Medical puts Umi's down payment of $6,500 into their pocket

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    Sentient Medical puts Umi's down payment of $6,500 into their pocket


    Umi was the victim, read below what she told about the Senrient Medical technology.

    I purchased the Cutera Coolglide on 7/12/2014. The total machine was $12,995. The sales reps Brandon Grim and Eric Graham told me I could do a down payment and finance the rest of machine. Therefore, I did down payment with my card for $6,500. The day I did my down payment, they said I would be financing $7,000. When i received the machine, It was half broken! A lot of problems, machine leaking from down! They promised me for full training which was laser hair removal and laser leg veins, but only got training for laser hair removal on Skype with Amy Perez. I had to send the machine back to get it fixed, and they paid for the shipping cost which was over $2000.

    After a few months, I checked with the bank to see how much I owed on the machine and the bank told me $13,000. I thought something was wrong and I felt I was in a fix. I called Sentient to see whats going on. NO REPLY! NO Answer from them! After 10 days, I was able to get hold on Brandon Grim, He said, "THAT $6,500 HAS GONE TOWARDS SENTIENT, it was not a down payment towards the machine.". I told him, when I purchased the machine, you said the 6500 would go towards machine as a principal, and i would finance 7000. He said "I NEVER SAID THAT".

    I was very devastated when I found out that my $6500 has gone in their pockets and not towards my machine which i purchased from them! I will end up paying $26,000 for something that i was quoted $12,995. They are frauds and Liars! They tell u a YES in beginning, and then change the contract with a third party Kevin Stout, from Hill Financial. Do not buy from them! Spoke to the owners of my school, and they all said, "Never heard anything good about them. They are frauds in the business".
    Seriously, day by day a lot of scam reports coming out. We should be very careful about those companies.

    In this section we are trying to add scam reports of the companies as mush as possible. Stay tuned and beware of those guys.

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    Re: Sentient Medical puts Umi's down payment of $6,500 into their pocket

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