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Get Paid In Bitcoin To Post On OMF!

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by , 04-29-2017 at 06:09 PM (953 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by Guillermo Mata View Post
Now as an active member in our community you can get paid in bitcoin
Just for posting here at OMF (Bitcoin = $$$$) We’ll create a tutorial later
breaking down all the details in another post.

But for now I wanted to keep everyone updated on our new badge system.

NOW! You can earn badges just by staying active as well.

You’ll see these badges around our community.

I’ll give you a break down:

Paid Membership Badge – Simply means the user has paid either full price or
Is currently paying to be a member of OMF

PAID BADGE – It’s official the user has paid in full.

TOP Supporter Badge – This varies you’ll notice one line meaning level 1 all the way to level 5 being the highest level within the community.

Some members have been here since the start! And now are veterans here at OMF.
So this will help you differentiate who is who within the community.

Over time we’ll be adding more badges :0

Happy Posting!
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