We are all fully concerned that passing the gatekeeper is so much important for any sales person. I am now sharing some important steps for passing the gatekeepers. These steps are:

1. You need to Assess the risk and opportunity. Ask yourself what you can gain or lose if you challenge the gatekeeper.

2. You need to Understand the gatekeeper’s motivation. Some gatekeepers feel they are doing their job when they protect a decision-maker’s time by blocking salespeople. A few gatekeepers are control freaks who may feel threatened by your contact with higher ranking executives.

3. You need to Assume that you can’t be blocked. Gatekeepers may be insecure about their role, their position and their strength within the organization. The key is for a salesperson to communicate, “I can’t be blocked. I sell value. I sell solutions and nobody can put me in a box.” When you’re positive and assertive, it’s difficult for others to block you.

4. You need to Involve the gatekeeper in the process. You need to try inviting the gatekeeper to review the presentation you’ll be making to the decision-maker. By participating in the process, some gatekeepers go from opponent to advocate.

5. You need to Go over or around the block. Of all the strategies, this is the most emotionally difficult. Some gatekeepers become angry if they feel salespeople are going over or around them.

6. Don’t act as your own gatekeeper. Some salespeople act as their own worst gatekeeper, assuming they’re supposed to work with certain contacts even though no one has told them so.