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Thread: Getting pass the gate keeper...

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    Getting pass the gate keeper...

    We all know theres different ways to get pass the gate keeper via phone
    when contacting a local business....

    Persuasiveness -

    Improvising -

    Conversing -

    But I'm curious to know how you guys are working your way in with business owners...
    Technical Support Staff:
    Business Inquiries:

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    Re: Getting pass the gate keeper...

    I think the best way is to go see people in person. This way you give the gate keepers a lot harder time to say know where a phone call a letter or email it is just file it

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    Re: Getting pass the gate keeper...

    I am just sharing some tips on it. I think you should pay attention on these:
    - What should your response be if the answer to your very first question is: "Who is this"?

    - What about if they as who You are after asking for the quick minute?

    Want to know what to do if the customers want to find out right away who You are. Basically you need to know about these three answer to get pass:
    Who you are
    Where are you from
    What do you want
    I hope that will help you. Waiting for more tips about it.

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    Re: Getting pass the gate keeper...

    Do not "pitch the gatekeeper." They are not qualified to make a decision.

    Newbies view the GK as adversaries but this just persists the attacker-defender setup. View them as helpful, and they will begin to be helpful.

    I work with many bricks-and-mortar businesses, and their salespeople lack even two basic skills they really should have:

    1. They don't know how to get the decision maker on the phone

    2. They don't know how to start the conversation with the DM correctly so that there is a "rest of the call."

    So it's not surprising that people are having trouble with gatekeepers.

    Being desperate for a sale is a bad place to start. Your voice makes it clear to the GK that you are a salesperson, and paradoxically the more you want to talk to the DM the more difficult it's going to be for you.

    Take all the tension out of your voice. You'll get much farther. In fact, that tip will get you farther than any technique I could give you.

    Start thinking of yourself as a CEO, president, owner. You are one top dog wanting to talk to another. We get to speak with those we sound like. If you don't sound like the top dog, the GK isn't going to feel comfortable connecting you.

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    Re: Getting pass the gate keeper...

    Treat them like allies. ...
    Do not use a script. ...
    Look out for subtle cues on your decision-maker. ...
    Engage with the gatekeeper, don't try to evade. ...
    Do not sell to the Gatekeeper. ...
    Be aware of your voice tone. ...
    Request for their help.

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