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Thread: How Can I build a good calling list?

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    Question How Can I build a good calling list?

    Hello OMF members,
    I have done some cold calling for my client and he is getting good result of it. He is getting some client by doing Cold Calling. He is now thinking about expanding the cold calling for marketing his business. He told to do it all day long but I think it is really hard for me to do it all day long, if I don't have a good list for calling. I think it will take time for me to build a list by visiting sites like yellow pages or manta but I have not enough time to do it. Based on your experiences, What the the best online service provider or tools I can use e for getting a good calling list?
    If anyone knows of any I would be grateful to know. Please share your ideas and suggestions guys. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How Can I build a good calling list?

    Focus on the purpose. ...
    Use a brief sales script. ...
    Only call decision-makers. ...
    Only call potentially big buyers. ...
    Call more referral accounts. ...
    Agree to a time that works for the prospect.

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