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Thread: Where to Generate Cold Calling Leads?

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    Question Where to Generate Cold Calling Leads?

    I am trying to find leads for my cold calling campaign. For finding leads, I am now using Google but the resulted leads are not so good and it's really time consuming to find proper leads using Google.
    I have found that People are now using Hoover and manta for generating leads for their business. But I am not sure which one is the best?
    It will be helpful for me if the fellow offline marketers with valuable knowledge and practical experiences have any suggestions and feedback for me. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Where to Generate Cold Calling Leads?

    Cold calling is a method where an employee makes any contact with any person (who lives in another country) to sell his company`s product. I never heard before about 800 numbers but I know that this is a process to provide different numbers to an employee for calling outdoor countries. Furthermore, Thank you for uploading things magnificent information.

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