Even businesses hate receiving sales calls, and for good reason. The marketing or sales call is an interruption – usually with the intent of selling something that the business never asked for. Many businesses fail to understand this and continue to rely on old tactics of business telemarketing to increase their sales.Stop making the same mistakes that everyone else is making..

1. Failing To Introduce Yourself : You’ve probably heard the old phrase that “people buy from people.” You absolutely have to connect with your prospects. If they don’t even know your name, why would they buy from you?

2. Failing To Improvise : This is the mistake that practically every telemarketing firm does – they “stick to the script” until the prospect hangs up on them. It takes some of the pressure off of the telemarketer since the person doesn’t have to think, therefore a sales call gone awry isn’t the person’s fault. But it also doesn’t make for an effective call.

3. Talking Your Prospect’s Ear Off : What are these people hoping to accomplish anyway? These are horrible sales tactics. Of course, the telemarketers are taught that sales is a numbers game. That the best B2B telemarketing service should include thick-skinned sales people that can “take it.”