I have been calling restaurants because it is very easy to get directly to the Manager. I am running out of restaurants and would like to know if anyone has any ideas on what the best businesses might be to call that don't have the ever-present "gatekeeper" that seems to have to know everything about you before they will let you get close to "their" Mgr or owner.

Like "Is Mr. Jones expecting your call?" "Do you have an appointment with Mr' Jones?" "Maybe you can tell me more about what you are calling about?" I mean some of these "gatekeepers" can be ok and may even help but many of them simply are playing "keep [me] away" and so I would like to do my best to avoid calling them, and when I do run across them, it would also help to know your ideas on how to circumvent/navigate my way around or through or over or under them.

The good thing about calling restaurants is/was that the waiter/waitress is working and just wants to move you along, so they can get back to serving their customers, and just pass you to the Manager, easily.

So, anyone who has some experience in cold calling businesses, what businesses have you called where you have found that the person or receptionist picking up is most likely to pass you on to the Office Manager, General Manager or maybe even the owner, without grilling you or putting you through an inquisition Any feedback is appreciated.