So, I have been developing my own personal script and method for my foot-in-the-door technique. I use Yelp to find local restaurants and hotels that either aren't listed or haven't claimed their Yelp Biz page yet. Got some leads...working on things.

Once I get them signed up for ORM, I can then up-sell to mobile marketing, adwords or YouTube video campaigns, among other services.

I think that the emotional quotient of a bad reputation and reviews is very powerful. Besides, SEO is just too damn complicated.

Does anyone have a good script, or method to getting the sales?

If you want to add anything about cold-calling for offline services, or more specifically, Rep management, please add something of value.

I know my posts are low, but I'm not going to waste space and time with useless drivel to get my count up. You do the same.

I will be posting my script soon...still needs some refining.