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Thread: Good Conversation vs no. of Sell

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    Good Conversation vs no. of Sell

    Hello Offliners,

    Yesterday while I was reading reply to my thread:, I found that Jason Kanigan have give a wonderful reply to my thread. I am highlighting some part of his reply here-

    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Kanigan View Post
    You just started making prospecting calls, so you know your ratios aren't going to be great yet. Since you don't have actual data at this point, you use a tough ratio of 20 dials to get one conversation, and another tough one of 20 conversations to get one sale. You might be better than this, and at that point you can adjust your numbers, but for now this is an OK place to start.

    So to get one sale, we predict that 20 dials x 20 conversations = 400 dials to get one sale. Seems a little high, but our newbies aren't so great on the phone yet. And we'd rather overestimate than under, at this point.
    From this post its clear like water that having good conversation doesn't mean having sell. So I wanna know can we predict the number of sells we might have after having some good conversation? Is there any way or trick to keep sell to good conversation ratio in between 0.95 to 1.0? I know its a matter of experience but is there any key tips to gain this experience quickly?

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    Cool Re: Good Conversation vs no. of Sell

    I am now sharing some tips to convert your conversation into sell. These tips are:

    >Response Time: It is one of the main factor for converting conversations into sales. You should always maintain the quick response time.

    >Focus on Customer needs: Don't always try to tell the benefit of your products, always try to find the problems of your each customerís and show how your products can solve this.

    >Give individual attention: You should always need to give some individual attention to each and every customer of yours. Don't try to talk about your product always.

    >Don't Do: You should not promise something that you can't do and don't be the sales person all the time with your consumers.

    Hope this will help you to keep sell to good conversation ratio. Also share your experiences with all the offline marketers.
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