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Thread: Why Direct Mail Failed?

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    Why Direct Mail Failed?

    Direct mail is one of the most powerful offline marketing methods for marketing any business. I am now sharing some reasons of failing the Direct Mail Program. These are:

    > Sending small postcards is cheap but they have less possibilities to get noticed. In this case one can send Oversized postcards having higher possibilities to get noticed though these are more expensive.

    > Wrong selection of target people. Always try to send the postcards to the peoples who have great interest to your products.

    > Don't tell the consumers about you. Just tell them what's in it and why should they care about your products or services.

    > Using recipient's name wrong in direct mail program. Always try to make use of right name of the recipient's to your direct mail program.

    > Don't just send the direct mail only at one time. Send different message with different offers to make your brand memorable to your clients.

    What do you think about these mistakes? Also share your ideas and experiences about common mistakes of Direct mail marketing. Any kind of ideas would be really appreciated.

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    Re: Why Direct Mail Failed?

    You may be wondering why Millennials read and respond to direct mail. It’s a legitimate question, considering that they’re the biggest group of digital media consumers, online buyers, and smartphone users. Perhaps it’s because direct mail better aligns with this generation’s values. Millennials are known for caring about authenticity and uniqueness. Receiving snail mail as opposed to email feels more sincere and personal. Digital marketing, though more modern and trendy, can seem cold and impersonal. It could also be due to Millennials’ affinity for nostalgia. Many companies have found success with nostalgia marketing when targeting people between ages 18 and 34. Because mail is considered old fashioned, they may find it sentimental.

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