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Thread: 7 guaranteed ways to Get Peoples Like Your Facebook Business Pages

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    7 guaranteed ways to Get Peoples Like Your Facebook Business Pages

    I thought there are over 10-million active Facebook pages, and these pages are gaining millions of new fans daily. All Facebook pages are still like fan pages.So think there have a great opportunity to generate good leads Instantly. If you want to get more real leads then you must be needed more audience/Liker/Subscriber in your pages. So i will show you 7 tricks/way to get more people/audience in your FB Business pages.

    1. Tags : Tag is the most precise option used mostly by well known page admins. This will post to their walls as well and will lead to additional traffic for you.

    2. Suggest your page to friends : Use the “suggest to friends” feature of your page. Use this feature sparingly. Personally, I try to only invite people go my page once because I know it annoys me when multiple people invite me.

    3. Install Page Budge : Facebook Badges are a simple, yet effective way to link to your Facebook profile.Unlike widgets, badges are simply images, and will load much faster.

    4. Buy an Ads : Facebook advertising is exceptionally powerful due to the ability it offers to hyper target your market.

    5. Send Messages : Message Your Friends, this tried and tested method takes more ground work, but this method will allow you to build relationships and target the friends that you think are the most relevant to your page.

    6. Newsletter Promotion : If you do email marketing send a message to your subscribers letting them know about your fan page and consider including a link to your fan page in every email.

    7. Upload video to Facebook: Facebook video is very underrated, and exceptionally powerful. When you embed a Facebook funny video on another website this video includes a watermark link in the top left corner to the fan page it came from.

    If you have another way for getting more Facebook like then share your comment with this post.

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    Re: 7 guaranteed ways to Get Peoples Like Your Facebook Business Pages

    Fill out your Facebook Page with searchable information.
    Include Facebook Like Boxes on your website and blog.
    Invite existing contacts to Like your page.
    Invite employees to Like your page.
    Incorporate Facebook into your offline communication channels.
    Cross promote on Twitter and LinkedIn.
    Post valuable content.
    Be active.
    Use Facebook Ads to expand your reach.

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