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Thread: How to Create a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign?

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    Question How to Create a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign?

    I believe Facebook could be a great tool for my business if only I use it right. I am now planning to run a Facebook campaign and want to make sure I have everything in place before I go live. How can I create a successful Facebook Ad campaign?

    Please share your experiences guys. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to Create a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign?

    Before you even create your first Facebook ad, you need to determine your goals. What are you looking to accomplish? So first work is set your strategy. What is an engaging photo? It depends. It should inspire a reaction. It should be clear and easy to make out (photos are small, so make sure you use a close-up that is high quality). Make sure your ad is appearing on pages of your potential fans. If you are running a page for Justin Bieber, you probably don’t need to include the 85-year-old woman demographic in your targeting List.

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