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Thread: How did you Start a Business Online?

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    How did you Start a Business Online?

    I am sure that numbers of people want to get into the Internet marketing online are not less or they are already running but without success. So just now i got a great and long tips from my friend for getting concept about starting business online. Hope it will help you. Let's see..

    roggy: Here's a plan I myself used to start the business on the internet and you can use to develop your ideas, it is summed up in a few steps:

    1. "Squeeze Page" or "Capture Page" you will build.
    2. On a sales page will redirect you to.
    3. From the traffic on this Squeeze Page.
    4. enrolled in your list you will follow!
    5. 60% of your earnings you give me! :P

    1. Squeeze Page

    What is a squeeze page ? It's just a short page that will allow you to collect the email addresses of visitors, in order to monitor them and send promotional newsletters or messages...

    For this you will need an autoresponder as "Aweber" or "Getresponse" to collect your emails (which costs a few dollars per month, but this is nothing compared to the potential that your will have from the list!)

    Then write a short page with a short sentence appealing, giving the visitor wanted to give you his mail for a small information and insert a big fat conspicuously email field it gives you their email!

    Short tips: After personal test several thousand visitors, I realized that putting a video on his squeeze page or to multiple fields to harvest had a very negative impact on conversions

    2. The sales page

    Oh...I'm saying about the sales page where the direct sales collect! It is on this page that you will be taken to the page registered capture or squeeze page after they have entered their e-mail address!

    Here are two solutions available to you, either you already have a product to sell and you want to put after, you decide to promote someone else's product and earn a commission without having to manage repayment and the support (what I am doing both).

    You have many places to find products to promote as Clickbank where you can you provide affiliate links and start receiving your well deserved commissions!

    Tips for those who have a product: very important, use an "exit popup" with a voucher case or visitor decides to leave the sales page!

    An exit popup, it's a warning box that appears when the visitor wants to leave the page redirecting to a page, usually offering a voucher of 15 or $20 each one!

    3. Traffic

    The famous traffic, where 99% of people are blocking! And yes, those who succeed on the internet, it is those who know how to bring a traffic mass on the capture page. Because everyone can create a capture page or sales page, but few that happen to be leading a large number visitors!

    This part is the most complicated part, and one that you take the most time. But once you master the magic of traffic, it will be the 9th cloud for your because that says visitors say conversions, have money.

    Here are other ways for you to grow your list or increase traffic. Of course, you need to prepare a good fund before starting with these.

    1. Buy email list and send to people already in the list!

    This method is one of fastest ways to increase your conversions and sales for you. Don't miss it!
    I tried and got more successes with this technique but it will consume you not less money.

    2. PPC (pay per click) and Social media

    PPC (pay per click) is the act of creating a campaign that runs on your site, and pay each time
    a visitor clicks on your ad!

    The site where I got the best results is undoubtedly Facebook, with its targeting as good a sniper, you can target very small niches and successful! You will need to redirect your campaign
    on your squeeze page, which itself will draw on your sales page to get a return on investment.

    But don't forget to spent a small amount with FB if you didn't have experience with FB advertising

    3. SEO

    SEO (search engine optimization) is the result of a ranker of your site on search engines. This method
    is very long, but can be extremely powerful and can bring you thousands of visitors each day
    your website, believe me, it is worth it!

    4. Youtube

    Yes, It is viral marketing! What a powerful tool! Create videos related to your niche and post them with a link on your capture page in the description! You can even use the SEO power ranker for your videos on Google because Youtube videos gets ranked so easyyyy! They can bring you the significant traffic and new registrations!

    5. Follow the persons who have registered on your list

    This part is extremely important! Most visitors who will see your sales page will not buy the first times. Indeed, we must mailer them several times before they buy, and this is THE squeeze page that uses goes!

    Create what are called "follow up" or "followed" registered on your list. Create an email sequence of 15 days, each day with a promotional email to the offer that you put after the capture page! I guarantee after a few days you will see new sales coming to you!

    Also it is very important to follow your prospects for traffic methods like PPC or it is just
    monitoring, email and other promotional offers few days that will make you a winner.

    There! As you may have noticed, the BASE of any business on the internet is owning a client list or leads for which you only have to send a simple email to earn commissions! The list is the tool which will be the most powerful in your business and what is it that you spend the time to create it.

    Sum ​​it up:

    Traffic (Seo, Youtube, PPC, Mailing) => Capture Page (create your list) => Page = Sales (Direct Sales) => prospects Monitoring (Monitoring 15 days to boost sales)
    If you have any new better ways, please share me under this post. I will respect all of your concept. Thanks

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    Re: How did you Start a Business Online?

    Thanks yukon.. It's a great post.. i would like to add classified advertisement as well.. I have been doing classified posting on Craigslist / kijiji / Backpage from last 5 years.. and i have seen great outcome from my posting.. we both(me and client) make handsome profit.. :P Here are some reasons why to hire a craigslist posting service.. Maybe you can have a look at too..

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    Re: How did you Start a Business Online?

    There is a adv. about
    start your own social powered wifi. I do not know if the rest of you guys can see it. It may be from re targeting from Whitr label free wifi. Please note bought this. Worst buying experience i ever had. I lost over $1000.00 The router they give you does not work and they will not give a refund for this router. I oppolegise for this adv.

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    Re: How did you Start a Business Online?

    In my 4 tools here are the most important

    1. PPC (pay per click) and Social media
    2. seo

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    Re: How did you Start a Business Online?

    Thanks for posting a good guide here. I will say I am not a fan of email chasing. Most people will not respond to anything in their emails these days so it just makes your business look like a scam.

    BrianFalls44- Idaho Carpet

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