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Thread: 10 Reasons to Quit Internet Marketing Business.

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    10 Reasons to Quit Internet Marketing Business.

    The aim of this post is to tell you my perception of the failures.

    As the title succinctly informs: I'll be giving you ten reasons to quit the business. There are exceptions, of course, and these are only my perceptions, but if any of these apply to you then I hope they'll at least give you pause for thought. God willing, I'll be in this business until I drop. And it quit being about the money too many years ago for me to remember.

    Let's find out . . .

    1. we're Lazy
    2. we expect fast returns.
    3. we expect easy returns.
    4. we're a poor communicator.
    5. we have an inability to adapt to change.
    6. we dislike education.
    7. we believe you can make money without first spending some.
    8. we have a below-average IQ.
    9. Our lack passion.
    10. Our lack belief in myself, and in others.

    After all is it right?

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    Re: 10 Reasons to Quit Internet Marketing Business.

    10 reasons for quite your internet marketing business are:-

    1. Failure to plan.
    2. Failure to work the plan.
    3. Lack of knowldege
    4. Not investing in your business.
    5. Making goals too big early on.
    6. If I build it, then they will come.
    7. Lack of patience.
    8. Wrong niche.
    9. Lack of commitment
    10. No uniqueness.

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    Re: 10 Reasons to Quit Internet Marketing Business.

    I don't agree that online business is going down. I made website with and it's developing really fast. I also try to do pretty themes to achieve customers support.

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