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Thread: Why people failed in blogging?

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    Why people failed in blogging?

    There are two types of blogs people typically create in the "make money online" space.
    1) A tutorial style website that teaches other people how to make money online
    2) A "follow my journey with me as I try to learn how to make money online" style of website

    If you don't really have much experience earning money from internet marketing in any way, then it doesn't really make sense for you to do the first type of site listed there. A lot of people do that, and they end up failing, mostly because it is hard to give out good advice when you haven't learned enough yet. They try to fake it till they make it, but never actually make it.

    A smaller percentage of people will do the second type of site where they invite you to "follow their journey as they try to make money online". For someone without a lot of experience, that is a better style of website. You will end up attracting people who are just like you who are trying to also learn how to do internet marketing/affiliate marketing/make money with websites/etc... They feel a connection to you because they know exactly what you are going through. And they trust you more because you are being honest with them about your experiences.

    My advice is - if you are currently running the first style of blog I mentioned, I think you should consider switching to the second type where you can be 100% honest with people. You don't have to fake anything. You can simply share what you are learning. There are some rich people in the industry who started out this way.

    Tip number 2 - Make lots of friends online. Don't just make acquaintances. Build real friendships. Those friends will come in handy when you need them.

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    Re: Why people failed in blogging?

    some people do blogs just to spam, they only focus on spamming keywords in their blogs. People who do blogging must be able to relay good information not just for the sake of blogging.

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