Now-a-days Adsense is one of the top contextual Ad network from Google. Google Adsense is one of the top sources of income for earning online for the internet marketers. There are lot of things that You need to do before getting an approved account in Adsense. I am now sharing some important factor for getting approved in Adsense. These are:

>Personal Domain:
Always go for a personal domain which will cost you somewhere around $10 or even lesser than going for sub domains like or etc. If you can’t afford this amount of money then you can look at sub domain options like

>Website Design:

You should select the right design for your website or Blog as Google always looks at the website wherein the Ads will be placed. So you should select a simple and clean design which will make Google happy.

>Domain Age:
Generally Google Use this factor just to avoid too much of spam applications from new domain registrants. Google approves domains which are 3+ months old and for Applicants from locations like China, India, Pakistan and few other Asian countries the duration is extended to 6 months.

>High Quality Content:
This is the top prime factor for everything from SEO to Adsense Account. Content is truly KING and it is a very important factor for getting approved in Adsense. Your website should have high quality content, so never copy others work as it won’t be of any use for you.So write some high quality article with 500+ words and do it on a regular basis (1 article a day).

>Post Count:
You need to have some 30+ high quality articles before applying for Adsense Program. More the no. of high articles more is the chance of your account getting approved.

>Important Pages Required:
Many don’t know this criterion as this is something which we give least interest. Your website should have a Privacy Policy Page, Disclaimer Page and a Contact Us Page for getting Approved as per Google’s Adsense Program.

>Bad Linking:
If you are linked to a Bad Neighbor then your Adsense account won’t get approved even if you fulfill all other criteria.

>Website Traffic:
This is not an important factor when it comes to Adsense Approval but it is must to have a decent traffic. Without any traffic you won’t have any chance of making money. So more is the no. of visitors more is the chance of making money.

If you follow all the above mentioned tips and I can promise you that your Adsense account will be approved. Also go through the Terms and Conditions of Google to know more on Adsense Policy which will help you to know more details.