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  1. Ramish Rana

    The Online Swing: Marketing Trends 2015

    I have been reading up on a A LOT of marketing blogs these days and the topic has been the same, "What marketing trends will rule the year 2015?". If your set in your ways and and are nodding off this post right now because you think you have a "perfect system", I suggest you think again. The...
  2. Ramish Rana

    Follow these EMAIL Instructions and earn NTH Dollars-NOT!

    It's sad how frequently people are scammed out of their hard earned money online. The major demographic that takes a hit from these cons are stay-at-home-moms, retired individuals, low incomers and college students. I am listing my personal favorite here, so watch out guys! If it sounds too...
  3. Ramish Rana

    Good quality videos?

    I think YouTube delivers when it comes to quality of the video but, yea there is a buffering problem. Also YouTube is banned in my country due to a controversy a couple of years ago. What place should I go to for good quality videos online? movies, music videos etc? And no, proxy servers for...
  4. Ramish Rana

    Craigslist-To post or not to post???

    Back in the early 00's and even before in the 90's eBay was the place to for selling and buying. eBay was THE place to sell anything. However, eBay is no longer the sole proprietor for consumer confidence-why? Enter-Craigslist, Amazon, Olx and the list is growing daily. Whereas eBay (this...
  5. Ramish Rana

    What free software is recommended for project management?

    I have a growing team and can become overwhelming especially with freelancers. What free software can help me manage my projects better?
  6. Ramish Rana

    Has anyone actually benefited from Linkedin?

    Hi, So Linkedin is hardly new to anyone in this forum, I want to know How I can make it work for me. I have had a profile for the past two years, but so far I don't see it making a difference. Any tips?
  7. Ramish Rana

    How to land VIP clients?

    Marketing your talent is literally the difference between a 1000$ and a 5000$ profit every month. I have heard people ask the same questions over and over again, What are THEY doing right? What are WE doing wrong? Marketing! That's what THEY are doing spot on! I used to be so frustrated when...
  8. Ramish Rana

    Offline, Online, Swinging back and forth in style! :)

    Okay perhaps the title is a tad bit misleading, there is little grace in failure. However, there is PLENTY to learn. When I was in college I was told repeatedly by less fortunate counterparts that I didn't know what it meant to be truly poor, or truly desperate. I agreed and I tried to...
  9. Ramish Rana

    how to get rid of a rip off report?

    If any entrepreneur or company owner has been struck by a "RipOff Report", they have my full sympathy. Not only because the defamation leads to serious losses but the so called "arbitrator fees" cost up to 2000$! This too by the very site that put you in this nightmare in the first place. I...
  10. Ramish Rana

    SEO and the RIGHT writer.

    More than once I have come across great sites that have poor content. It's quite frustrating to read obviously "keyword driven" articles and blogs. Good organic content adds value, the purpose of SEO is to cater to a demand and be linkable, this can only be done if your content HAS something of...
  11. Ramish Rana

    I know how to write but SEO eludes me !

    Hi everyone! I was a complete amateur when it came to keyword densities, Search engine optimization and things like link building. I couldn't understand how you could sometimes get penalized by google if you tried a lot of "black hat" techniques for improved ratings. Trust me, I have been...
  12. Ramish Rana

    Sticky notes from an old school marketer!

    I think in the last decade or so marketing has evolved into an online entity. I don't know just how many people still remember the concept of "word-of-mouth", "Community out reach", "interactive programs" and "print media" marketing strategies. A few years ago a local business was more...