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How to make my Instagram reels viral??


New member
I have a page on Instagram about funny content but since 1 months my reels are not getting enough views which is kind of demotivating. I want to increase my views instantly. can you suggest me ways to increase them instantly??


New member
Hello! If you're looking to improve your Instagram account, one way to do so is to get high-quality views with great engagement. Luckily, there's a service that can help you do just that - https://viplikes.net/buy-instagram-reels-views . By using this service, you can improve your account's performance, rapidly grow your following, and analyze your audience's preferences to create even better content. I can personally attest to the quality of this service, and I'm confident that you'll exceed your expectations and continue to grow your account beyond your initial goals.


New member
On the Instagram Grid, post your reels.
On Instagram Stories, share your reels.
Tag the brands or businesses in the video so they can share it and increase the number of views.
Create fresh reels based on the same concept, aesthetic, or music if your previous one went viral.