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Ways to use LinkedIn to get Offline Clients for Your Business??


New member
Hello guys, If you want to get offline clients for your business, LinkedIn is a great way of getting this. In this case you can follow some important steps of it. These steps are:

>Complete Your Profile:
You need to make sure that your profile is as complete as possible. Just get all your information, website, photo, and anything else that explains everything about it.

>Answer Questions:
You should check out LinkedIn Answers and see if you can answer questions that people are struggling with in marketing themselves online. This way you can start to build a reputation within your connections.

> Link With Other Accounts:
You can link to your LinkedIn profile with your blogs, websites, Facebook, business cards and whatever else you use.

>Joining in Different Groups:
You can join in different local groups so you can be the person in your area that helps local businesses have some success online and you can also create a group of yours.

>Keep Updated:
You should keep your profile updated with news and recent business activity. You also need to share helpful articles or products with people for free.

> Get Recommendation:
You need to get people that you have done some work for to recommend you. This is one of the most powerful parts of LinkedIn. Most of the People take these recommendations seriously because of the business nature of LinkedIn.

What do you think about these ideas? Please also add some ideas below of your own. Waiting for your kind response.


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Here is a list of ways you can use LinkedIn from a company perspective to promote your business and target potential clients.
Create a Company Profile. ...
Use LinkedIn Polls. ...
Answer a Question. ...
Participate with Groups. ...
Create a Group. ...
Leave a Status Update. ...
Ask for Recommendations. ...

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