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Thread: How Do You Know What Types of Lead Generation Are Best for Your Business?

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    Question How Do You Know What Types of Lead Generation Are Best for Your Business?

    Business owners are always seeking for the most effective ways to find new business leads. There are mainly two kind of Lead generation a. outbound lead generation (cold calls, direct mail, advertising and e-mail marketing) and b. inbound lead generation (SEO, social media, PPC).
    You might be thinking which type of lead generation to concentrate on or how you can choose where to spend more time and assets to get the most out of your lead generation actions.

    I am now sharing some ideas for how any business can decide which types of lead generation are best for them:

    1. What kind of customers are you trying to reach?
    It is one of the best considering for determine the best types of Lead Generation for Your Business. As like Social media is great for B2C products and services, but it may not be the right for many B2B product groups.

    2. Are buyers searching for you?

    In general, there are specific products and solutions that buyers shop for online and others that they don’t. If you are doing keyword research and not seeing a lot of queries for your service, then it doesn’t mean that it’s not value going after, but rather it needs more of an outbound lead generation strategy.

    3. How do you want to spend your marketing budget– “paid” media or “owned” media?
    With traditional outbound lead generation, you have to spend every time you market your business.With inbound lead generation, you also have to spend money and/or time setting up your website, writing website content, and building an target audience on social media.

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    Re: How Do You Know What Types of Lead Generation Are Best for Your Business?

    What do you think about some offline marketing? I would like to try promo items for my business, for example. i would like to use some Custom Lapel Pins for this purpose. Maybe you can give me some tips on it here. I would appreciate it a lot!

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