For Lead generation you need to make a strategic decision. Sometimes we are facing some question when lead generation work is process ...

what do you need from your interest groups in return for your motivating force? In what capacity will you plan the support transform so that a greater amount of your intended audience will go along with you?
I’ll cut this short and share with you some do's and don’ts.


* Be creative with your ask.
* Consider asking for photos and videos, where people can share about themselves and be creative.
* Make use of visual cues, like infographics, to communicate your ask.
* Make use of colour and font pickers to make your app design more appealing.


* Make use of unappealing images in your app. A way to test this is to ask yourself or your
friends if they’d join your contest after seeing that.
* Overstate the number of rules and make it too difficult to join.
* Write too much text on the app.
* Have too many text fields.