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Thread: Local SEO Recommendations for My Business?

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    Question Local SEO Recommendations for My Business?

    I am trying to learn local SEO for marketing my business locally. As I provide local consumers with offline marketing services so I think the Local SEO will be helpful for me to get more client. I think that local listing can help me in case of local SEO, am I right? Based on your experiences, Can you guys recommend me ways to learn and implement local SEO for my business?
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Local SEO Recommendations for My Business?

    Search engines understand what users are looking for,
    if a user searches for product or service or industry + location, the search engine gets that the search has local intent.
    So when you optimize your business to be found on local search result that will called as local search engine optimization or “Local SEO”.

    5 simple fact to boost your ranking in local search:

    1.Title and meta description tags:
    As google has increased the size of search result area It is very Important to make the best usage for title and meta description and be sure they aren’t getting conflicted.
    2.Online directories and citations
    Its very Important to be visible on your local directories, in fact the purpose of local Seo needs that. Its
    A necessary to be listed on top online local directories.
    3. Google My Business:
    This is a key fact for local SEO, however it is almost mandatory to be registered local business listing on Google.
    4.Online reviews matter:
    Yes it does matter to your credibility and brand value. Try to catch up more True review from your consumer or if you use reviews make by your own then write the post that seems to be organic.
    5.Use local structured data markup:

    Structured data is the standard format for Giving information about your webpage page content; as like, on a product page, what are the raw elements, products description and resources.
    structured data also uses to operate special search, like for that product page user can find you by searching the raw materials or resources.

    Moreover, there are many things that couldn’t have discussed in this short brief, as Optimizing Google map, Keywords, local content strategy etc.
    Hope you find it helpful.

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