I think in the last decade or so marketing has evolved into an online entity. I don't know just how many people still remember the concept of "word-of-mouth", "Community out reach", "interactive programs" and "print media" marketing strategies. A few years ago a local business was more interactive with potential customers and clientele'. Today everything is being measured by "likes" and "tweets", don't get me wrong, I am all for the massive revolution brought on by the incorporation of social media into marketing. Especially, for local businesses. However, I do believe that the element of "trust" that could be built by a more human interaction, seems to be dying out, the true nature and substance of a service was once more than an automated response. I for one, am very glad if I have a complaint with a particular service and I get to talk to a human being for a change. To me THAT is marketing, rather than hearing the usual "automated response" I got to interact and that always beats any robotic monologue.

But, that's just me. A business can be started online but a "name" is built offline.