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Thread: which one is best for finding local offline clients?

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    which one is best for finding local offline clients?

    Hello Guys, We usually use social media networks for getting local offline clients in our local business. I think personally that Facebook is the king of the social networks and great for viral marketing. Google+ is slowly creeping into importance with Google's integration of it with search results and websites features such as G+1 button. It's a good idea to have Facebook and Google+ pages for your business to find local offline clients. Which one is best social network you think?? I think facebook and Google+ is the best and you?

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    Re: which one is best for finding local offline clients?

    Google+ is close now but Facebook is still going strong. If you are using only social media then Facebook, Instagram and Reddit are best for finding good leads and clients. However i also prefer to use other offline ways for this purpose like newspaper advertising, youtube marketing, promotional giveaways etc. You should invest in various methods to get best results.

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