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Thread: 404 Error in SEO

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    404 Error in SEO

    What is 404 error in Search Engine Optimization.

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    Re: 404 Error in SEO

    Quote Originally Posted by dzoapps View Post
    What is 404 error in Search Engine Optimization.
    A 404 page is where any user will land when the URL requested is not found on your server. You might encounter this error most often as “404 Not Found.” The first step is to create a user friendly 404.

    How do you create a user-friendly 404 page? You should keep four guidelines in mind. First, the page should explain why the user has landed on that page instead of the page they intended to reach. Second, it should include the website’s search box and tell the user to type in any relevant keywords in the hope of returning related posts. Third, it should be as simple as possible; to that end, the 404 page should NOT include any server-related errors. And finally, a user-friendly 404 page should include other important website navigational components. This means the sidebar, footer and header should be included as well, so that the user can easily navigate to other pages on your website.

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    Re: 404 Error in SEO

    Quote Originally Posted by dzoapps View Post
    What is 404 error in Search Engine Optimization.
    When a page URL no longer exists or is renamed, any links directing to the original URL will return a 404 Not Found error. There are common instances that may result in a significant number of 404 errors.

    1. Website redesigns
    2. Product pages that have been altered, removed, or discontinued a which results in changing or deleting
    3. Spelling errors within links a whether internal or external
    4. Shifting a website or page from http to https (or vice-versa)

    Google is forgiving when it comes to 404 errors. It will not deindex a website due to these errors, and probably will not even directly decrease rankings. 404 errors are inevitable, and Google understands that. However, it’s important to remember that Google’s main priority in organic search is to deliver quality results.

    Hope that helps.

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