Last night my dell optiplex started shutting down on me. And I would have to keep pushing the power button for it to turn on. So I took the entire tower apart and disconnected the power from the mother board then put it back on and still nothing. But some how when I kept pushing the power button after several attenpts then it would turn on. Pretty strange stuff. Im not sure if it was the motherboard or powercord. But I decided to go ahead and use my new tower. I swapped out the hardrive and disconnected the one on the new tower and and installed my windows 7 hard drive on to the new one. The configuration process was pretty tough. But all you really need is your boot up CD click F9 too boot up the cd and begin installing your operating system. In my case it was windows 7. I still needed to used my old activation pin and everythings. So you wont be able to bypass that. I learned something new today 😁