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Thread: How To Fix AOL Desktop Gold Running Slow?

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    How To Fix AOL Desktop Gold Running Slow?

    Is your AOL Desktop Gold software running slow? If yes, then you need to find the possible reason which may be responsible for the cause of this error, and these can be:

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    The desktop software installed is not compatible with your system
    AOL Gold software is not updated to the latest available version
    Your system may be infected with malicious viruses and malware.
    Junks files, cache and cookies data may have piled up in your system
    Windows, as well as the device driver of your system, is not up-to-date.
    If you understand the reason behind the slow running of your desktop software, then you can try to resolve all this error. However, you can always try to Install AOL Gold again on your system so that these errors can be removed completely.

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    Re: How To Fix AOL Desktop Gold Running Slow?

    Basic Solutions on Desktop Gold is Slow
    Install the latest version of Windows & Software.
    Try to update the device driver of your Computer system.
    Disable the Firewall from your system.
    Remove virus and malware programs using Anti-Virus software.
    Change the Settings of your Computer system.
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