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Thread: Barking Dog Alarm - have you used one?

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    Barking Dog Alarm - have you used one?

    Thinking of buying a barking dog alarm, the idea of a dog barking as someone approaches appeals to us.

    I can think of one or two possible problems though, but maybe that's just me going off on the wrong tangent?

    The alarm is triggered by movement in front of the sensor, not by movement of the motorhome/alarm which may be a better idea.

    The range for the alarm to start, through a door or panel is said to be 2 - 8m, and when there is nobody within range it will stop.

    I guess if we are on a camp site, aire, public parking or similar that will mean if there are people walking around a lot of the time the alarm will go off repeatedly, is that true in practice?

    Also, we have to get into the van to turn it off, so that will mean the alarm will set off again for a while, is this a problem?

    If anyone has used one of these or maybe parked up near to one when set, do you have any comments?


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    Re: Barking Dog Alarm - have you used one?

    Go only for a quality product! Otherwise any burglar will tell you its not the guard dog that barks you have to worry about. Prior to purchase do your own research, these tips can help - . Hope it helps!

    Or get yourself a big dog to guard your home and sleep calmly

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