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Thread: "How To Use the 24 Hours You Have Each Day To Make More Money"

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    "How To Use the 24 Hours You Have Each Day To Make More Money"

    "How To Use the 24 Hours You Have Each Day Properly and Make More Money In That Same Time"

    I made a call this morning that resulted in me getting roped into something that I have to do today. This is a little bit of a problem, because I already have something to do: sales, marketing and fulfillment.

    This extra task will not make me any money. But it is necessary.

    I am feeling pretty amped up right now (in a good way). I have energy and want to launch into this task.
    But that would be WRONG.

    "Pay Time VS No Pay Time"

    My customers are

    They are NOT around, say, 8 hours from now.

    I cannot market to them then.

    They are available for me to market to them now.

    So if I use my Pay Time (time in which I can be paid, yay!) now to do No Pay Time (time in which my customers are not available) activities...well, you can clearly see I've screwed up in that case.

    Have a look at your own activities. Many times someone will say, "Jump!" and you'll be tempted to shoot into action on that task. But is it a No Pay Time activity? And is it currently Pay Time? If so, you are hurting yourself if you start on that task.

    This isn't just about time's about how to make more money.

    To sum up:

    Pay Time = your customers are available to speak with you, and you can earn money

    No Pay Time = your customers are not available to buy.

    Do Pay Time activities during Pay Time.

    Do No Pay Time activities during No Pay Time.

    Market and sell during Pay Time.

    Do scheduling, billing, prospect list planning, cleaning, web design, article writing, paperhanging etc. during No Pay Time.

    Do this and you will use your time very effectively. You'll also make more money.

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    Re: "How To Use the 24 Hours You Have Each Day To Make More Money"

    This is a very wonderful post. Thank you for sharing!

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