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Thread: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

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    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

    Consider these useful tips to making your Web site more search engine friendly.

    1. Write good, clear text content without typos. The text should include words that are likely going to be used by people in search engines to find pages like yours.

    2. Have a relevant title (title tag text) on all your pages. Consider using the site/company name (not the URL) in conjunction with what the specific page is about. It's also important to have different titles on other pages, although they can all include the site/company name. If your company is Nifty Tours, and the page is a contact form, a good choice is:

    The W3C has determined, for the compliant browser, that the title should be no more than 64 characters. Some search engines cut off titles that are over 40 or 50 characters in their databases.

    * Use keywords in your text content, but avoid keyword stuffing which can have your site excluded from search engines. This Wikipedia article about keyword density can help you determine how often you should use certain words on your site. This keyword analyzer can show you how your pages rank in terms of density.

    * Always have alt text on all your images and area maps (hotspots). The alt text should be relevant to the picture and in proper English. Use the title attribute with non-image objects, like Flash, in the same way. Also, it's best that the alt text on every picture of your site is unique -- if the image is duplicated on every page, like a logo, you can still use different alt text on each one on each page.

    * Do not use hidden text: text the same color as background, div with visibility: hidden property or display: none, or have text placed outside of normal browser window. Search engines, like Google, can detect this and will either lower your ranking, or remove your pages from their databases. (This is considered "Black Hat" SEO.)

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    Re: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

    Master Keyword Research
    Understand Your Competition
    Plan Your Site
    Optimize Your Site
    Produce Regular Content
    DIY Public Relations
    Build Your Social Media Network
    Understand Google Analytics

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