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Thread: How to get a better google rank quickly?

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    How to get a better google rank quickly?

    Actually i think this question is also for newbie or website owners. They do not want to get any late response. When they create any website then they want to get his/her pages in Google first pages. Even they want to get better Google rank quickly. So i want to give them some tricks to get better Google rank easily. Those are flows:

    Just do SEO:
    1. Publish good quality and relevant content.
    2. Don't forget to update your content, if it possible then do it everyday.
    3. Create back-link as much as you can, but place it in a proper place.
    4. You can submit your site in directories.
    5. Use social bookmarking.
    6. Guest posting, commenting in another blog.
    7. Participate in forum.

    I hope you will get good Google Rank quickly.. !!

    If anyone have another experience then share here this topics. Thanks

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    Re: How to get a better google rank quickly?

    Publish Relevant Content. Quality content is the number one driver of your search engine rankings and there is no substitute for great content
    Update Your Content Regularly
    Have a link-worthy site
    Use alt tags

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