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Thread: How to Monetize a Collectors Niche

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    How to Monetize a Collectors Niche

    Hi everybody, I know a niche that fits all the requisites: collectors/nerds, totally into it, money is involved, items are traded/sold all the time, items are highly coveted, rare, hard to get, number of collectors increases all the time, prices are rising, AND there is a real need for experts since 95+% of all items on the market are fake!

    I was wondering: outside of trading actual material items, how to monetize this without ever touching actual items? I doubt that content marketing/adsense is the answer here.

    I do know that forums are hot, and websites selling actual items have their forums which have 1000's of hits, replies, etc.
    I know this niche is very promising, but what would y'all say are the best ways to monetize this online?

    Like I said: preferably NOT buy buying and selling/directly trading items myself (customs can screw this up royally)

    Example: say there's a good niche of Rolex collectors, how do you monetize that niche without buying and selling actual Rolex watches?!

    Thanks a bunch,

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    Re: How to Monetize a Collectors Niche

    What about creating some custom lapel pins for collectors? For example, one can create some interesting designs and make lapel pins with the help of services like It can be a really profitable business

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