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Thread: Google gives you such FREE Tools!!

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    Google gives you such FREE Tools!!

    Such people don't know what they're missing. Every thing comes free of charge and establishing an account is very simple. Google Webmaster Tools help to improve the visibility of an internet site in the search engine results of Google and give an extensive report concerning the visibility of one's webpages.

    1. In the primary information panel, the user is given an executive overview that shows the most crucial traffic records - page-views and visits, percentage and quantity of returning visitors and one-time visitors, geographic distribution of visits, and supply of visits.

    2. The consumer gets choices relating to the following concise reports: Marketing, Content summaries and Conversion. Conversion summary shows the quantity of site visitors along with their rate of conversion relative to the set goals. Marketing summaries display the most effective five resources of web traffic, search key words, and campaign based. Last but not least, the content summaries identify the very best 5 exit points, entry points & most visited webpages.

    3. Lastly, the machine offers very precise reports split into 2 categories: Content Optimization and Marketing Optimization. Both categories further provide sub categories. The Sub categories in Marketing Optimization are: Visitor Segment Performance, Unique Visitor Tracking, Advertising Campaign Details and Search engine marketing techniques. Content Optimization adopts sub categories including: Ad Version Trialling, Content Performance, Navigation Analysis, Funnel and Goals Process and Website Design Parameters. Google Analytics just introduced a brand new group of reports which will enable sites to track any social interactions using their content.

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    Re: Google gives you such FREE Tools!!

    All user behavior data is sent to Google BigQuery with pre-processing. But this can be avoided with the help of certain services. Check out this article I think this will help you. If you have questions, ask them again.

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