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Thread: Your Markeing Message: Are You Making the Right Kind of "Noise"?

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    Your Markeing Message: Are You Making the Right Kind of "Noise"?

    After 15 years of B2B experience, I encountered the IM style of marketing.

    Overflowing with hype. Deafeningly loud. Uncompromisingly relentless.

    So I learned that style, and made a lot of sales without needing affiliates.

    But after a few years of that, I wanted to return to the B2B world.

    And there, I discovered, my new IM voice did not serve me well.

    Watch this video to find out why:

    When writing your copy, consider:

    > how did your visitor arrive at the sales page?

    > what frame of mind are they in?

    > what purpose do they have (and remember, in serious B2B, it's not always "To save/make money" or "To buy a product or service.")

    The marketing noise you make for IM is not the right kind of noise for serious B2B selling.

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