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Thread: Building up a business network

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    Building up a business network

    While doing marketing of your product networking, not computer networking but the business networking is the obvious task you must take care of. Building up business network can be very powerful offline marking strategy if you can handle it smartly. I am going to share some point outs which might be helpful, are:

    1. Creating a business network can be endlessly useful when it comes to sharing marketing costs and attracting business through referrals. The trick is finding another business that doesn’t compete with you but offers complementary services or products – and working from there.

    2. Participate in trade shows to enhance your business network. By getting a booth and making sure your display is eye-catching and memorable you’ll be able to access people you’ve never reached before – and stay in their minds long after the show is over.

    3. Never miss an opportunity to chat about your business with the people you meet. Lots of other businesses will be in the same position as yours (looking for new customers), so you’ll probably find they’re keen to share experiences, learnings and perhaps even marketing ideas.

    4. Make sure your business card stands out. It’s easy to get standard business cards that cost next to nothing, but these types of cards are also very easy to forget about and throw away. Use bold colors, unusual design and plenty of imagination when putting together your business card to ensure it fulfills its potential as a marketing tool.

    Well, I am expecting that the members of this forum gonna add some more point outs to make this thread into an instruction guide for offline marketer.

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    Re: Building up a business network

    You have provided useful insights with these useful steps to build a business network. I really like your idea of using trade shows and events to connect with people. Here we can use free giveaways to promote our brand. I absolutely agree with you to make a unique and engaging business card. As it will help people to remember your brand for longer period of time.

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