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Thread: [GEOTARGET B2B LEADS] Leads/Email from Google Maps, Qualify Them, Skype Dial and More

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    [GEOTARGET B2B LEADS] Leads/Email from Google Maps, Qualify Them, Skype Dial and More

    Can your business use more customers? Is there such a thing as enough or even too many great contacts?

    Tired of paying for list after list, having only a few leads out of hundreds of supposedly targeted companies in your niche convert to actual sales?

    How many leads do you need to meet your financial goals month after month? What does each lead cost your business and what is each lead worth? How many more sales could you make if you spent more time focused on the most qualified leads?

    If you do not know all the answers to these questions, or you know the answer and know that the fuel your sales process burns through is leads, my product blackMaps 2.0 Pro can help you out!

    At its core, blackMaps 2.0 Pro is a data-mining and automation tool which is specialized for Google Maps. It has been called a 'Swiss Army Knife' for extracting, supplementing and exporting information from Maps.. but it is SO MUCH MORE.

    blackMaps 2.0 is built on my Maps2Apps platform, which I've been developing for about 8 months and selling/supporting under a couple 'White Label' products on different forums for approximately $100/year per copy with no documentation at all. All that has changed! Now my Maps2Apps platform has full step-by-step documentation detailing each and every feature. Over 95% of features have at least one included screen shot.

    blackMaps 2.0 Pro is my personal 'Black Label' distribution and will not be confined to 'White Hat' type features like others that are out there on the market. Since blackMaps 2.0 Pro now has full user documentation, part of my support requirement (training/answering questions) has been diminishing in volume and I am ready to drop the price for a limited time.

    What are the basic features?

    • Automates searching of large areas, multiple areas
    • Automates searching of multiple keywords
    • Powerful Business Intelligence collection/filtering capabilities
    • Geometrically creates a drag-net, searching smaller and smaller areas until Google Maps runs out of leads. There are way more leads than you think out there.
    • Extract eMail Addresses from Websites and other Web Properties
    • Basic Product/Sales Campaign Management (for pipelining)
    • Finds Web Properties (Facebook, Twiter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Manta, etc...), allows you to manually add any it does not find
    • Incredible list scrubbing functionality
    • View lead Website, Web Properties, and Mobile Website(s)
    • Autodial numbers with Skype,
    • Take call notes, even take product orders if you haven an Order Form URL.
    • Qualify and Extract the specific leads you want to CSV for importing/synchronizing with CRM.
    • Full 100+ page documentation stepping you through every single feature of the software
    • Free and Paid Proxy Server support

    So what else do I get?

    In addition to blackMaps 2.0 itself, you will receive a copy of moneyNode 2.0. moneyNode is a NodeJS based small-scale business intelligence engine. It provides a generalized Javascript based parsing/processing interface to parse any type of web document you might come across. The moneyNode includes full source code, allows you to associate patterns (regular expressions and jQuery CSS Selectors) with specific websites (Facebook, Twitter, Manta, etc..). moneyNode allows you to filter and report based on things like the number of Facebook Likes a company has or how many Tweets they have sent. If you pull in information from Manta, you could search on the number of employees or estimated revenue. moneyNode 2.0 runs inside blackMaps 2.0 Pro.

    moneyNode will continue to be developed in parallel, and will allow sharing of Business Intelligence among lead generation, competitive analysis, and other applications.

    What are people using it for?

    Many of the people who are using it are using it to sell websites to companies, contractors, painters, electricians, plumbers, etc... For those that have websites, some are selling Mobile Websites. A mechanic uses it to find and call salvage yards looking for parts. A customer that manages a large sports supplements distributor is using it to find new stores to sell to. He's now able to search in Europe and sell into markets he could never imagine before. Another is beginning to integrate Yelp into their application and process reviews for reputation management purposes. I've set up a friend just to do competitive analysis of his own market. I've given copies to friends looking for a jobs and two of those friends have SOLD COPIES of this software.

    So _how much_ is it?

    So, I've seen programs (nowhere near as good, and that miss most of the available businesses in large searches) going for anywhere from $49 to $499. Across the board $49-$99 is the most common. Nothing on the market has anything like moneyNode. To seal the deal, for a limited time blackMaps 2.0 Pro is only $49.77. You need to act now!

    Why so low?

    There are 3 reasons. First, the Maps2Apps platform has reached a level of stability where each copy requires less and less support. The documentation is going to help this out even more. Finally, I am human.. I have children who want presents under the tree on Christmas and a mortgage that needs to be paid on time.

    Below are some videos (some of these were created for other White Labels, all covered features are included in blackMaps and the search interfaces are the same):

    Demonstration of Features

    How-to Use Map to Report Leads from a Specific Area

    Extracting email addresses

    Set it before you go to bed at night and Wake Up Every Day to Unlimited Free Leads!

    Ben Camp -aka-
    I respond to PMs
    Ben Camp | LinkedIn

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    Re: [GEOTARGET B2B LEADS] Leads/Email from Google Maps, Qualify Them, Skype Dial and

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