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Thread: What is Google Sandbox?

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    What is Google Sandbox?

    Google sandbox is hypothetical idea and it is applicable only for new website, Domain age is under 1 years or 6 months. at the point when website admin streamline site in mass and in a flash than Google send your area for brief channel for couple of months.

    What is your own opinion about Google sandbox ?
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    Re: What is Google Sandbox?

    Hello Yukon,
    In simple terms, the Google Sandbox is viewed by many as a probationary period forced upon new websites that prevents them from shooting to the top of search engine results. In more complex terms, Google’s Sandbox is believed to consist of a filter program placed on its search engine that impacts only new websites that its bots crawl.

    The Google Sandbox effect lasts somewhere between 1 and 6 months. The negative effect on rankings is very strong for the first couple of months, and by the time you’re past three months you should be pretty good. By the time your domain is at six months you’ll have very little Sandbox Effect at all.

    Hope that helps.

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