Nobody could have ever guessed just how much of a phenomenon that YouTube would have become. Here we are in a day and age where anybody from anywhere can post footage of something going on in their lives for the whole world to see. YouTube is how people keep their families in touch with what‘s going on with their kids. YouTube is also the forum for which people post some of the most amazing and craziest things you can imagine. The sky is the limit—and that‘s precisely why you see so many different companies turning their marketing efforts towards YouTube. Those companies that are progressive enough to move forward with their marketing efforts in a revolutionary new way will be sure to capture attention and get to their end results using YouTube.

There are a few key points to marketing success on YouTube that are important to remember:

First and foremost get noticed! You certainly want to incorporate a meaningful message, but be sure that it‘s wrapped inside of a very catchy, humorous, or provocative package. You have to be sure that whatever you post to YouTube will stand out from the crowd and demand attention.

Create a message and an ―advertisement‖ that people are just dying to share. If you put something memorable on YouTube, you will create something that people feel compelled to share with their friends and family. You have then created the first steps of viral marketing as the word is spreading for you.

Be sure to demonstrate your product for the world to see. While you want a catchy message that draws people in, you also want them to walk away with a message about your product. The best way to get them talking about what you are trying to market on YouTube is to physically demonstrate it for an excellent takeaway.

Put yourself in the mindset of the target audience you are trying to draw in. Remember what type of person you are trying to attract through your marketing efforts on YouTube and then cater your message, humor, and intriguing information to them personally. You want the right people to get it and then of course act on it.

YouTube can truly be a revolutionary marketing vehicle for companies that are truly ready for a new way of doing business and spreading their message. It‘s important to put yourself into the mindset of the audience you are trying to reach for great success. As this is a different marketing tactic than most companies are used to, it‘s also important to truly think outside of the box and create a memorable piece that grabs attention and leaves people talking about your message and feeling compelled to spread the word.