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Thread: Why you need to build a list?

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    Why you need to build a list?

    It can seem like everywhere you turn people are telling you to build a list. Here are some good reasons to build a list:

    You can sell to the same people over and over again

    The single biggest cost in your online business will be acquiring a new customer. Build a list however and you can start selling to the same people over and over again. You pay to acquire a prospect once and then you can be selling to them for years to come.

    Pre-existing relationships make people buy

    It's a fact – people are far more likely to buy from someone they have bought from before. Once you've started building your list and gotten subscribers on board you'll hopefully start to build up a strong relationship with them.

    It's the secret of an autopilot income

    People who have taken the time and trouble to build a list then become a part of the top 1% of the population You've probably thought about that being a pipe dream, yet it's the reality for anyone who has a decent list.

    If you’ve built a list you have a very, very valuable asset. You can charge other people large amounts of money to send a solo ad to your subscribers.

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    Re: Why you need to build a list?

    Thanks For Sharing This Informative Post with us.

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