One of the biggest things you'll learn in marketing is to find a niche that has a huge demand and give them what they want.

However, for most people this is difficult because they don't know what most buyers want which is obviously the key to making big profits.

Then you can promote products to them that fit these respective seasons.


A good example would be Halloween. Every year at the first of December millions of Americans are looking for Halloween costumes online.

If they find the right costume, they won't hold back on buying it. This is where you need to come into play.You need to review different costumes for them and help them make the best choice.

You need to show them why the costume you're reviewing is going to make them have the hottest, coolest, or sexiest costume at their Halloween party.

The key to making money off of seasonal niches is to start now! Most people think that since Halloween is so far away now, that they'll wait until September to get their site up and running.

The problem with this approach is that it may take a couple of months to get good search engine rankings for your keywords that bring in the sales.

Before you know it, you'll have various websites that capture the attention of prospects.These sites are great because they produce easy sales because
you don't have to convince people to buy. They know they have to buy, they just need a place to do it.