We all know that Competitive research is a great part of all marketing programs for any kind of business. It is especially important in the ever-changing and highly competitive world of PPC. I am now going to discuss how to create a plan, what tools are available and how often to perform PPC competitive research. I hope these tips will help to perform PPC competitive research for your business. These tips are:

1. At first, You need to create a strategic competitive Research & Analysis Plan:
You need to have a plan of action for how we are going to approach an analysis. Once you’ve completed the analysis, you then tally up the scores and weight them based on key areas that are most important to the client.

2. Secondly You need to get Comfortable With Competitive Research Tools:
There are many free and paid competitive research tools available in internet. You can use AdWords Auction Insight Tool, AdWords Preview & Diagnostic Tool, SEMrush.com, Spyfu.com to perform PPC competitive research for your business

3. At last You need to determine When To Do Competitive Research:
I am sharing some recommendations on when you should consider doing some competitive research. In this case you can consider some cases. These are
a.New to an Account or Company
b.Seasonal Trends & Peak Seasons
c.Quarterly Business Review

What your thinking about Spying on PPC Competition??