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Thread: How to get PPC clients?

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    Post How to get PPC clients?

    Hello guys, I have a business of providing PPC for local business which help the local business to get offline clients. I am curious in getting some clients for myself. How would I go about getting these clients? I need help with this matter guys. What methods can anyone suggest I try or have you tried which have worked well in getting PPC clients? Any ideas, help, opinions would be significantly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to get PPC clients?

    To get PPC clients, you can follow some guides:-
    1. Earn Your AdWords & Bing Ads Certifications
    2. Define Your Services
    3. Set Up a Legal Business Structure
    4. Develop a List of Prospects
    5. Create Your Sales Pitch
    6. Schedule Meetings to Qualify Your Prospects

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    Re: How to get PPC clients?

    Step 1: Earn Your AdWords & Bing Ads Certifications.
    Step 2: Define Your Services.
    Step 3: Set Up a Legal Business Structure (Do It)
    Step 4: Draft an Airtight Contract.
    Step 5: Develop a List of Prospects.
    Step 6: Create Your Sales Pitch.

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