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Thread: Vip facebook account to run ads

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    Vip facebook account to run ads

    I'm providing an useful service for business.
    I have some account Facebook Ads and Google account for rent that.
    Very appropriate for businesses who want to run facebook ads with high daily budget.
    Now there are not many units owned Business account (2000 sub accounts). And We are a reputable agent with facebook and google, has been in service for many units effectively.
    Advantages of business FB accounts:
    - Processing time faster, less prone to ad approval
    - Reach is higher than the personal accounts
    - Spend $5000/day, unlimited money in total
    Contact with me on my skype: dunglamchieu_1

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    Re: Vip facebook account to run ads

    Pick your experience shading carefully. Attempt to utilize clear pennant foundations rather than Facebook's trademark blue/white shading combo.

    Utilize the primary item on your pennant.

    Test CTA catches.

    Abstain from adding content to your standard.

    Your fundamental advertisement content is basic.

    Keep features succinct.

    Upgrade your news source connect portrayal.

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    Re: Vip facebook account to run ads

    Use the Facebook Business Help Center as your resource for tips, troubleshooting and guides on how to get the most out of Facebook Tools.

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