Many affiliates start running PPV campaigns after they have already done PPC campaigns for a while. They usually try to apply the same logic and techniques to PPV campaigns that they would do in their PPC campaigns. Sometime A lot of affiliates making some big mistakes at their PPV campaigns. In this post I want to talk about some of the mistakes of PPV campaigns.

Trying to calculate how much you will make by running x amount of campaigns or converting at x %.

Making the mistake of setting cap too frequent. If you are showing your ad every 24 hours, you will get more traffic right away but your campaign will die off sooner because every visitor to your target is going to see your ad more often and just start closing it.

Lack of proper monitoring. You need to monitor and tweak our campaigns more often because there are many things as like bidding wars, frequency caps, etc.

Please share your thinking. Any ideas, help, opinions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.