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Thread: Payment Issues Help!

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    Post Payment Issues Help!


    For any "PAYMENT" related questions please make sure to PM use directly.

    We care about your safety! and want to ensure you are served rite away.

    So please do make sure to PM us any time.

    You can create threads for any Tech or Help questions...

    Your Crew
    Red Torrent Media LLC

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    Re: Payment Issues Help!

    Contact HM Revenue and Customs ( HMRC ) as soon as possible. You might be able to set up a payment plan to pay in instalments. ... You have to pay interest if you pay late. You may avoid penalties by contacting HMRC as soon as possible.

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    Re: Payment Issues Help!

    I PMed you guys several times now for a 'payment issue' - that being - you not paying affiliate commissions you owe. No reply. I've posted it to your forum, your youtube channel...FIRST I sent you over a DOZEN emails to your 'support' email you direct people to email. What's the deal? Here's my message again:


    I'm here to request you pay my commissions for promoting your products for you via JvZoo.

    I've written via email to your 'support' address literally a DOZEN times. (the one you specify on your pages, and right here in this post)

    You FINALLY replied with a 4 word response: "what's your jvzoo id?" (even though it's right there in your jvzoo vendor dashboard) I replied to you instantly with my name and JvZoo id - then crickets. I emailed you 7 more times after providing my id. nothing.

    You login to jvzoo daily to send alerts for your VLOG, but don't see the big notice across the screen about unpaid commissions that you owe people?

    Pay me dude.

    Why wont you pay measly affiliate commissions to someone who promoted FOR you? (you're welcome!)

    Ken Reno

    unpaid commissions, non existent support, Guillermo Mata

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