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  1. Sticky: Re: New help desk *****please read before posting*****

    this link is not working it puts you in a loop
    Member Login ?
    it says download your purchase and goes into selling you again
    it would be very helpful if you check...
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    Re: [REPFIRE] Live Prospecting...

    yes definitely do the yelp thing.. also as a side note make a product that sends out text messaging from works like auto sms you can find it on utube... cost is around 2,000 dollars
  3. Re: [re-opening] previous softwares temporarily - private

    Would like to be a beta tester
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    Re: I can’t stand people like this…

    Wide is the path to failure narrow is the path to success which one are you going to take. The old school. If you decide what you want to be you become that something if someone asks you where do you...
  5. Re: Find Newly Registered Businesses – Local Marketing Revolt [DEC 24th!]

    This sounds very excellent I have a client right now that needs it go!
  6. Re: Can not get an image to post with Creative Post

    maybe what you could do is go ahead post the ad then edit the images after your post and see if that works
  7. Re: Can not get an image to post with Creative Post

    they actually did allow to put an image from the desktop at first they took away the button that allows you to upload an image from the desktop..
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    Re: additional topics?

    one topic could be reply below. the program seems to stop every time you have a reply below when you are trying to email. I found a workaround until they fix the problem. use your tab button to enter...
  9. Re: Breaking news: Creative post: Boost "coming friday!"

    Sounds nice.. there needs to be a way you can copy a post and change the words up a little bit so that we don't have to type twice to make an ad. basically duplicate an ad and change a few items....
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    Re: Creative Post V1 / ELITE / RELOADED - Help

    is the imap setting only for imap or can you put in the box?
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    Re: Creative Post V1 / ELITE / RELOADED - Help

    you should make the ads so you can duplicate the ad you create and that way you can make a small variation of the same ad and just have to ad the new email.... also in the video i did not see you go...
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    Re: Customer Support / Announcement!

    i have sent you my receipt and request for my copy of the elite and i still do not have it could you look into it please.... i got the reloaded with no problems... i think there are enough posts...
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    Re: Creativepost fixes + new support desk incoming!

    where did you see the download it is unclear as usual
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