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    Re: Importance of hashtag

    Hashtags are really important to promote your brand or identity organically. It is proven in researches that Tweets with hashtags receive 2x more engagement than those without hashtags. You can find...
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    Re: Best Video Sharing Sites For Marketing??

    Youtube marketing is an amazing way to increase traffic for your website. There are many website that provide this service that includes: Youtube, Vimeo, Metcafe, Daily Motion, Myspace.

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    Re: Generating Travel Leads Online

    Many companies tends to leave travel business due to their inability to generate leads. But by using following methods, you can easily generate leads. These are:
    1. Customer Incentives / Promotional...
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    Re: Which is better: Facebook Groups or Pages?

    Facebook Groups are better for promotional purposes. Here is definition for both:
    1. Facebook Page is just simple like a profile page dedicated to business, brands, celebrity, and organization. ...
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    Re: Do you know Google Adwords?

    Google Adwords is an effective tool in generating leads and increasing your reach on search engine. It provide you option to target users according to gender, location and according to your budget....
  6. Re: To Win Customers Do Social Media Marketing

    In internet connected world of today, social media marketing is the way forward for any business. This marketing method will greatly help you gain new leads and customers. You have nicely explained...
  7. Re: How To Become Successful With Social Media Marketing..

    Your post is very useful for succeeding in social media marketing. You have explained everything in simple way and very easily. Social media has become an important tool in today's time for making...
  8. Re: Pinterest vs Instagram - Which is better for marketing?

    Why not both? Dedicate your time to both Instagram and Pinterest with proper planning and strategy. These two websites are very useful for making your brand popular and advertise your business.

  9. Re: Facebook & Twitter Marketign: Is it Enough?

    Twitter and Facebook are good medium to generate traffic for a website but it is no loss in promoting your brand and services on other platform too. I would suggest you to use Pinterest, Instagram...
  10. Re: 6 Important Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners

    I have recently started social media marketing for my websites and all the suggestion given above are very useful to make my journey on social media to be successful. I am presently using twitter,...
  11. Re: Ways to Use Pinterest for Business marketing!!!

    Thank you for sharing these amazing tips to promote our brand or services with pinterest. I will surely follow these steps.
  12. Re: How to Rank on the First Page of Google Through Videos?

    Your tips are spot on. I would also recommend the same steps to rank your videos on first page of google. These are some basic and important steps for ranking your videos.

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    Re: Keywords Analysis Tools

    I have personally used Google Keyword Planner, semrush, keywords everywhere and ahref. For me, ahref and Google keyword planner are best keyword analysis tool.
    Hope it helps.

  14. Re: Tips And Tricks For Making Video Marketing Even Better

    Video marketing has become very popular means of advertising medium for marketers to popularize their brand or services. Your tips are very helpful in this regard.

    China Promotional...
  15. Re: Pinterest vs Instagram - Which is better for marketing?

    Both are beneficial for marketing purpose if used with proper strategy. I am personally using pinterest as well as Instagram and they have provided with great help in getting traffic on my website...
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    Re: Instagram Marketing tips for Business!!!

    I have recently started using Instagram for promotional purposes and your tips are very useful in this regard. Thank you for sharing these.

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  17. Re: Best SEO Techniques to rank a local business?

    There is nothing like best seo technique. SEO for any website depends upon quality of content, usage of relevant keyword in proper density and proper on page optimization. Also, it largely depends on...
  18. Re: How To Reduce Bounce Rate on My Website?

    First optimize your content and make it more relevant to users. Also, try to use relevant keywords. Secondly create backlinks on relevant website. So your website receive users that like to stop and...
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    Re: Instagram Marketing Is It Effective?

    I have used Instagram for marketing purposes. it helps me in connecting with my user base. and increase my reach among people. You are absolutely write in saying that hashtags play very important...
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    Re: What is mobile marketing?

    Mobile Marketing is certainly the way forward. People tend to spend their maximum time on mobile phones and with the increase in usage of internet, mobile marketing has become huge. You have nicely...
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    Re: What is white hat SEO??

    You have nicely explained everything related to white hat seo. This is the type of seo that every digital marketer follows to make their website rank at top on google. Thank you for sharing this.

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    Re: How to get more backlinks?

    For creating good and quality backlinks, you need to submit your site on variety of websites like doing:
    Social Bookmark Submission
    Business Listing
    Blog Submission
    Forum Submission
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    Re: SEO and the RIGHT writer.

    Absolutely agree with you. Content is always the king for any website. A good content always helps you to rank better on search engines. Your article is very informative.

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    Re: About Meta Tags and Meta description

    You have provided useful information on meta tags and meta description in a simplest form. I don't think anyone can give more simplistic description than this.

    China Promotional Products
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    Re: How To Improve Rank of a Website?

    If you have done proper on page optimization like using relevant keywords in proper density, quality content and proper meta tags then you need to focus on off page optimization. This includes...
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